Green Leaf Lab Announces In-House Testing for Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) in Oregon

This development marks a significant step in ensuring the health and potency of cannabis and hemp plants, addressing a critical issue facing the industry. Read the full article here.

CEO Rowshan Reordan Top 50 Women Leaders of Oregon For 2024

Green Leaf Lab is proud to announce that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, Rowshan Reordan has been listed as one of the We Admire Magazine’s list of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Oregon for 2024. Read the full article here.

Green Leaf Lab Wins Best Analytical Testing Laboratory Award 2024 in Sacramento, California

“The honor was bestowed upon the company as part of the esteemed Best Business Awards 2024, recognizing Green Leaf Lab’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of analytical testing.” “The Best Analytical Testing Laboratory award is a testament to Green Leaf Lab’s dedication to providing outstanding consumer satisfaction, unparalleled service, visionary leadership, and a […]

The 10 Most Admired Women Leaders in Business, 2023

“In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, one pioneering figure has emerged as a driving force behind transparency and consumer safety. Meet Rowshan Reordan, an inspirational entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to revolutionizing the way we perceive and consume cannabis. Her brainchild, Green Leaf Lab, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to […]

Green Leaf Lab Featured As A Top Global Cannabis Testing Company

“Green Leaf Lab, one of the nation’s premier independent third-party analytical cannabis testing laboratories, has been named one of the leading companies in the global cannabis testing services market in Growth Plus Reports ‘Cannabis Testing Services Market Report. Recognized for their dedication, hard work, and emphasis on consumer safety, Green Leaf Labs has established itself […]

Top 10 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2023 || Green Leaf Lab CA LLC

Introducing Green Leaf Lab, the nation’s premier third-party independent cannabis testing analytical laboratory.  Founder and CEO Rowshan Reordan says “Green Leaf Lab was founded on a human rights issue. The right to clean cannabis. When you test with Green Leaf Lab, you are supporting the legitimacy of our industry through quality science and quality testing.” […]

Green Leaf Lab Gains Accreditation for Oregon’s New Testing Rules

Green Leaf Lab is excited to announce they are approved and accredited for Oregon’s New Testing Rules, which now include Metals and Microbial testing, along with Cannabinoids, Pesticides, Solvents, Terpenes, and Mycotoxins. After undergoing strict evaluation and performing meticulous testing, Green Leaf Lab has passed all accreditation requirements from the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program […]

Green Leaf Lab new methodologies and latest efforts on product safety

Green Leaf Lab, the nation’s first licensed and accredited cannabis analytical laboratory, is at the forefront of cross-contamination quality controls. Committed to consumer health and safety, Green Leaf Lab believes a key part of health and safety is transparency. Transparency on lab operations sheds light on how not all labs are the same. Here is […]

Most Expansive Terpene Profile

Green Leaf Lab has the most expansive terpene profile with 58 in total! Read the full article here.

10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to watch 2022

Rowshan Reordan, Green Leaf Labs Founder and CEO: “Our goal is to educate our clients, consumers and regulators on the importance of accurate quality control testing for a robust and safe cannabis industry”. Read the full article here.

Tips on protecting your crop from Aspergillus

Tips on protecting your crop from Aspergillus As the cannabis industry continues to expand, ensuring products are safe to market is essential. Many states that allow recreational or medical cannabis require testing on cannabis and hemp products. These tests often include analysis of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, potency, residual solvents, and microbial. Accredited cannabis testing […]

Everything Cannabis Growers need to know about Hops Latent Viroid

Viruses have had a profound effect on human history.  Researchers work tirelessly every day uncovering how to better combat viruses that affect not only humans and animals, but plants as well. The Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd), a single-stranded, circular infectious RNA, runs rampant in the hemp and cannabis industry, causing the plants to drop dramatically […]

Women Leading in Cannabis – Rowshan Reordan

Consumers have a right to safe cannabis. Battling cannabis misinformation and cannabis injustice prompted attorney Rowshan Reordan to form Green Leaf Labs. She joins Kyra Reed to talk about legitimizing and furthering the medical and recreational cannabis industry through the standardization and implementation of robust quality control systems, including the use of state of the […]

Paving The Way For Social Equity

Your Money Drives Diversity Between nonprofits, environmental conscientiousness, or other socially equitable efforts, we see firsthand the kind of positive impact both production and consumption can have on the world around us. How you choose to spend your money, where you spend your money, and the business you spend your money with, has a ripple […]

Green Leaf Lab Certification Program

Green Leaf Lab Certification Program As a producer, manufacturer, or processor, having your hemp and cannabis products tested is paramount for your consumer’s safety, your business’s legacy, and most importantly, in helping keep the world informed about the safety and benefits in using tested products. Aside from informative videos on your social media that reassure […]

Third Party Testing Is An Integral Aspect To Consumer Safety in CBD

Third Party Testing Is An Integral Aspect To Consumer Safety in CBD   The CBD industry has gained tremendous notoriety in recent years. From CBD-infused cooking products to cannabidiol anti-anxiety formulas, CBD is fast becoming commonplace in a multitude of markets. Despite the growing acceptance across the United States and even around the world, a […]

High times Magazine features First Women-Owned Cannabis and Hemp CBD Laboratory

High times Magazine features First Women-Owned Cannabis and Hemp CBD Laboratory in the Nation As the nation’s first woman owned cannabis lab, Green Leaf Lab is committed to making a future where the market is as diverse as the people it serves. Rowshan said, “As a woman-owned business, I believe in empowering other women.” Read […]

Green Leaf Lab Becomes First A2LA Accredited Lab in Oregon

We are excited to announce that our commitment to accurate and reliable testing since 2011 has lead to us becoming the first A2LA accredited cannabis testing lab in Oregon and the first to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.  We are proud of our dedicated technicians for making this announcement possible: A2LA Accredits Green Leaf Laboratory […]

Green Leaf Lab response to COVID-19

Dear Cannabis Community, Green Leaf Lab has continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation hour by hour to put the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, and community first. Following CDC guidelines, Green Leaf Lab has taken steps to reduce the risk of worker exposure to COVID-19. Currently, Green Leaf Lab is maintaining regular business […]

Green Leaf Lab is now ISO 17025 Accredited

Green Leaf Lab is proud to announce that it is accredited to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 17025 standard for both the Oregon and California laboratory.

KGW checks CBD product labeling claims

With the industry quickly expanding, KGW decided to investigate whether products labeling claims are accurate regarding amounts of CBD in their products. They used Green Leaf Lab to test the products and interviewed Eric Wendt, our chief science officer for some context around the results. Read the full article here.

Listen to Green Leaf Lab’s Eric Wendt on Periodic Edible’s Cannabis Business Podcast

Green Leaf Lab Chief Science Officer Eric Wendt recently appeared on the inaugural episode of Periodic Effects’ Cannabis Business Podcast. He detailed his prior work experience in the food sciences that led to his position as Chief Science Officer of Green Leaf Lab, bringing with him experience to standardize cannabis laboratory operations to quality levels […]

Green Leaf Lab Chief Science Officer talks about the complexity of quality control testing in the cannabis industry to Forensic Scientists

Eric Wendt was invited to present at the Northwest Associations of Forensics Scientists annual conference in September. He presented upon the variety of cannabis products and the analyses performed on them, as well as the complexity of good quality control testing in the cannabis industry.

Green Leaf Lab Top Ranked Nationally for Second Year

Green Leaf Lab is proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, Cannabis Business Executive has placed the lab in the Top 100 of its 2017 Ancillary Cannabis Businesses, the publication’s annual benchmark of national industry leaders that provide services for the cannabis industry. Read more about this year’s rankings at

Top-Tier Cannabis Reference Standards Pass The Test at Green Leaf Lab

In an airtight vault near Paris, at the headquarters of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, a platinum and iridium cylinder defines the exact weight of a kilogram. Forty exacting replicas calibrate standards and instruments around the globe to this standard. But what about cannabis – how good are the standards that cannabis laboratories […]

Green Leaf Lab Chief Science Officer Interviewed by Analytical Cannabis

In Technology Network’s trade publication Analytical Cannabis, Green Leaf Lab’s Chief Science Officer Eric Wendt and Chemist Adam Hamdani were both interviewed in a June 2017 article about analytic methods and instrumentation for testing cannabis. The magazine’s news story explored methods and instruments used for cannabis testing. Green Leaf Lab talks about the methods and […]

ODA has issued a notice of stop sale and removal for a fertilizer product that contains active ingredients not listed on the label.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (“ODA”) has issued a notice of stop sale and removal for a fertilizer/pesticide product that contains active ingredients not listed on the label. Alert – Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2 (w/ 0.1% Fe), by Cutting Edge Solutions, LLC, contains salicylic acid The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has reason to believe […]

Green Leaf Lab CEO in 2016 50 Most Important Women in Cannabis

Green Leaf Lab owner and managing partner Rowshan Reordan is featured this month in Cannabis Business Executive’s Top 50 most important women in the cannabis industry list for 2016, the magazine’s ranking of influential women entrepreneurs and policymakers. Cannabis Business Executive first published its list of twenty women that shape the face of the cannabis […]

Green Leaf Lab ORELAP Accreditation and OLCC Licenced

Green Leaf Lab is pleased to announce that we received our ORELAP accreditation, and have been issued the first OLCC marijuana testing license issued to a cannabis-only laboratory. This clears the way for Green Leaf Lab to begin serving the recreational cannabis industry in 2016 and beyond. Green Leaf Lab has proudly served Oregon’s cannabis […]

Green Leaf Lab chemist interviewed on OPB radio

Starting October 1, all cannabis products in Oregon must be tested by a state licensed lab. As of now, no labs have yet been licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Eric Wendt, chief science officer at Green Leaf Lab, was featured recently on OPB Radio’s news show “Think out Loud” about the testing of […]

Green Leaf Lab to present at Oregon Processors Association

Eric Wendt, Chief Science Officer at Green Leaf Lab, will be presenting on Process Validation at the Oregon Processors Association Meeting July 26. Process Validation will be required with the new Oregon rules effective October 1st for extracts, concentrates, and products. See you there!

Tribute to Terpenes articles in cooperation with Daily Leaf

Green Leaf lab has partnered with The Daily Leaf website to present a unique look into terpene analysis, through a series of articles entitled Tribute to Terpenes. Terpenes are aroma molecules found in plant resins that impart flavor and aroma characteristics. In cannabis, a terpene profile from laboratory analysis can be said to reveal the […]

Green Leaf Ranked Nationally by Cannabis Business Executive

Cannabis Business Executive has released it’s 100 Top Ancillary Businesses, a nationwide index of its ranking of businesses contributing services to the cannabis business market. Green Leaf Lab, an Oregon company, is recognized in this list for its continued commitment to the highest standards in business performance and management. Read More

Green Leaf Lab article in national Marijuana Venture Magazine

Green Leaf Lab is pleased to be a featured author in Marijuana Venture magazine, a national print publication for the cannabis industry available by subscription. In the article, we offer a unique perspective as a business that has been operating while state administrative rules are refined to protect medical marijuana patient safety. We look at […]

Terpenes on show at Oregon SunGrown Terp Festival

Oregon SunGrown Growers’ Guild, in association with Cannabis and Social Policy, Green Leaf Lab, and The Law Offices of Paul Loney, present the 1st Annual Southern Oregon Terp Festival in Williams, Oregon, in January 2016. On December 10, 2015 from 4:20pm to 10:30pm is the intake and harvest festival event. This will be one of […]

Water Activity – a measurement for quality and safety

You might think moisture content of cannabis is something useful to test – how much of my product is moisture? While most analytic laboratories offer water content testing, Green Leaf Lab wants you to know about the importance of another type of testing: water activity. Water molecules that are not “bound” can support the growth […]

Green Leaf Lab accredited by Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories

Green Leaf Lab is pleased to announce that it has been accepted for membership into the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories. Our lab has performed and passed the quality, security, and accountability reviews required by this association, and now has earned another benchmark to assure customers that their testing results exceed the most comprehensive laboratory […]

Article for NCIA – THC – The Illusion of Its Value

A news article by Green Leaf Lab’s managing partner has been published on the National Cannabis Industry Association site, discussing if higher THC concentrations really make for a higher quality cannabis plant: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Or perhaps more appropriate for today, “Don’t judge all cannabis products by THC percentage.” As the […]

Green Leaf managing partner interviewed by OPB

The public broadcasting program Think Out Loud traveled to Southern Oregon to get a unique perspective on the coming legalization of recreational marijuana. In geography where the climate lends itself to natural growing, several people involved with different facets of the Southern Oregon voice their optimism and concerns going forward under the new liberties, including […]

Dope Magazine article discusses issues with hash oil products

Another informative column this month in June’s Dope Magazine discusses the safety issues and testing concerns involved with Butane Hash Oil (BHO) products. Find our contribution on page 88.

Green Leaf Lab managing partner named to Oregon advisory committee

We are excited to announce that Green Leaf Lab’s founding partner, Rowshan Reordan, has been named to OLCC’s recreational marijuana laboratories and traceability technical advisory subcommittee. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, responsible for developing the administrative rules for Oregon’s legal recreational marijuana industry, has named the appointees to help their rule-making during the public comment […]

The second article of a two-part series by Green Leaf Lab in Dope Magazine

The THC potency measurement of cannabis is by itself not an absolute predictor of the medicinal efficacy of a particular sample or strain. In this second article in April’s Dope Magazine (page 74), we look further into the interplay of more complex cannabinoids that affect the therapeutic and recreational effects of marijuana.  

Check out the first of two articles on potency in Dope Magazine

An article about the importance of representative sampling in determining potency, authored by one of Green Leaf Lab’s analytic chemists, is featured in Dope Magazine this month. Check it out on page 46!

Stems Cannabis Blog meets one of our chemists

Learn a little more about our lab at the Stems Cannabis Blog! They talked with one of our chemists to learn more about analytic cannabis testing, and the issues facing patients and their providers.

Green Leaf Lab in Willamette Week article

Legislators are starting to realize the oversights and gaps in consumer protection in state medical marijuana administrative rules that would regulate cannabis testing labs. More coverage, including Green Leaf Lab, in this feature article in Willamette Week:

Green Leaf Lab featured in Dope Magazine

See our featured Lab Notes article on page 46 in the most recent Oregon issue of Dope Magazine, and stay informed about the latest research developments regarding molds, fungi, and the mycotoxins produced by them that may affect medicine safety in medical cannabis.

How do I know if my medicine has been tested properly?

[checklist] Ask if it has been tested at a laboratory that has trained chemists and scientists. Ask if it has been tested at a laboratory that uses quality control measures. Ask if the laboratory has multiple pieces of analytic equipment, not test strips. Ask if the laboratory tests on-site, or sends the samples elsewhere to […]

Green Leaf Lab profiled in Oregon Cannabis Connection magazine

Check out the article on page four, featuring an interview with Green Leaf Lab!

Green Leaf Lab “Lab Notes” in Dope Magazine

Check out Green Leaf Lab’s “Lab Notes” article on page 46 of Dope Magazine’s November Issue, investigating the correlation between genetic strains and THC potency. We will continue to keep you informed of unique and informative findings in the lab. For more information about Dope Magazine:

KOIN 6 visited Green Leaf Lab regarding oversight

KOIN 6 Television visited Green Leaf Lab to talk about lack of regulatory oversight for cannabis testing laboratories. As the decision to legalize recreational marijuana use draws closer, some in Oregon’s medical marijuana industry say the regulation of testing labs needs some oversight. Read more here:

Why we at Green Leaf Lab do not post our customer results online

At Green Leaf Lab, much like any valid analytical Laboratory, we are committed to providing the highest quality data. This is achieved by following all laboratory guidelines provided by the Oregon Dispensary Law (also known as House Bill 3460). This law was enacted to create a system of standardization for laboratories. Every cannabis testing laboratory […]

Laboratory regulation and oversight should be required

Green Leaf Lab is quoted in this news story from Southern Oregon, where concern over unregulated testing labs is expressed by dispensary owners:

Green Leaf Lab interviewed by KEZI Channel 9 News

Local news coverage of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference includes a talk with Green Leaf Lab’s founder.

Green Leaf Lab quoted in Statesman Journal

Coverage of Green Leaf Lab at the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene!

Patient risks with uncompliant or non-existent testing

What is the risk patients may face if they if they consume medicine that is not tested by a laboratory that complies with Oregon law and administrative rules? The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was created to assist patients in receiving legal protections for access to the treatment of medical marijuana. The program allows patients to […]

PRF risks of not using a testing laboratory which complies with Oregon law

There are multiple risks that a PRF or facility may face if they do not use a testing laboratory that complies with Oregon law and administrative rules as required. A laboratory found to be out of compliance with state law may result in the invalidation of some or all test results previously performed by that […]

Understanding Oregon State law on sample sizes

Is there a specific sample size needed in order to perform cannabis medicinal product testing with accuracy and integrity, and in accordance with new Oregon State dispensary law requirements? Yes. In order for a laboratory to comply with a quality system and follow valid testing methodologies, there are specific sample amounts that must be randomly […]

Why can’t a PRF or Facility collect samples and give them to the laboratory for testing?

Is the process in which samples are collected important? Why can’t I, as a PRF or facility, collect the samples myself and give them to a laboratory for testing? The process in which samples are collected is important for two reasons: [starlist] Proper sample collection ensures the accuracy of results, especially if they are to […]

Green Leaf Lab interviewed by OPB at the Ashland Cannabis Business Conference

The gathering at the upscale Ashland Springs Hotel looks like every business conference you’ve ever been to. In the lobby, attendees signing in and getting their ID badges and programs. Clusters of people in business attire, shaking hands and talking shop. Exhibitors in booths, showing off their goods and services. But a quick look around […]

Tip: Complying with Oregon State Law testing requirements

What is a Chain of Custody? Is it required? Oregon State Law requires that laboratories follow certain guidelines, in order to assist PRFs and facilities in complying with the rules. One of these guidelines requires that a laboratory follow either The ISO/17025;2005 Standard (International Organization Standard) or NELAC rules. Section 5.8 of the ISO Rules […]

Green Leaf Lab’s founder featured in article

The Weedist (, an advocacy site and newsletter, has published a featured article on Green Leaf Lab, a woman-owned business. Read it here!

How do I choose a reputable laboratory?

New regulation for the OMMP Program is around the corner. We have been asked by many facilities “How do I choose a reputable laboratory?” We recommend that you ask the following questions: [itemlist] What equipment does your laboratory use? What is the process of testing that your laboratory uses? Does your lab test everything on […]

What does it mean when your medicine has been tested?

[bulletlist] It should mean that your medicine has been tested at a credible and reputable laboratory. It should mean that it has been analyzed for pesticides, mold & mildew, and THC and CBD, to ensure that the medicine you receive is safe for you to use. It should mean that your medicine has been analyzed […]

Green Leaf Lab to be fully compliant with HB3460

Green Leaf Lab offer services that will allow you to comply with Oregon House Bill HB 3460’s dispensary testing requirements for medical cannabis, as well as more complex analysis services for those who want more information for themselves or to provide to their patients. We are dedicated to providing the full complement of services required […]

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon

On Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8:30 a.m., the Oregon Health Authority will begin accepting applications from individuals who wish to register and operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon. The rules implementing Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensary law are intended to ensure safe access to medical marijuana for patients registered through the Oregon Medical Marijuana […]

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