March 8, 2014

Is there a specific sample size needed in order to perform cannabis medicinal product testing with accuracy and integrity, and in accordance with new Oregon State dispensary law requirements?


In order for a laboratory to comply with a quality system and follow valid testing methodologies, there are specific sample amounts that must be randomly collected to properly perform certain tests and comply with state administrative rules.

You may ask, “what is the purpose of random sampling, and why is it so important?”

The goal of medicinal sampling methodologies is to collect a random and representative sample, so that a testing result accurately reflects any and all medicines the patient will consume.

In order to properly perform such random sampling, a laboratory must have a documented sampling method and procedure, which includes collecting enough sample quantity to perform all required testing procedures, and additionally, to re-test when necessary.

Customers may notice that Green Leaf Lab’s sample requirements have recently changed. A one gram sample size is no longer sufficient to perform all testing procedures properly. This is because we must now comply with newly-legislated sampling methods and procedures when offering testing for authorized dispensaries.

To ascertain whether a laboratory is complying with Oregon State law, inquire about their random sampling procedures and methods – if the laboratory only requires a one gram sample, for example, ask if that is enough to perform all the required testing services while also complying with a documented quality system.

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