Image for Top-Tier Cannabis Reference Standards Pass The Test at Green Leaf Lab
August 14, 2017

In an airtight vault near Paris, at the headquarters of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, a platinum and iridium cylinder defines the exact weight of a kilogram. Forty exacting replicas calibrate standards and instruments around the globe to this standard.

But what about cannabis – how good are the standards that cannabis laboratories use to calibrate their instruments and internal methods when providing analytic testing results to clients? That is the question Analytical Cannabis magazine asked of Green Leaf Lab, after hearing some indications that some standards might not be as reliable as hoped.

Besides developing proprietary methods and standards early on, to deliver consistent and repeatable results for cannabis testing to clients requiring precise dosage and quality measurements, Green Leaf Lab also uses standards provided by the largest vendors to qualify its test results.

Eric Wendt, Chief Science Officer of Green Leaf Lab reports, “We do not experience inconsistencies in the cannabinoid standards we receive from the manufacturers.”

Green Leaf Lab uses prominent vendors for its standards, and Wendt testifies “…that between the two providers we have used, they all prove to be accurate compared to each other.”

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