May 19, 2021

Green Leaf Lab Certification Program

As a producer, manufacturer, or processor, having your hemp and cannabis products tested is paramount for your consumer’s safety, your business’s legacy, and most importantly, in helping keep the world informed about the safety and benefits in using tested products.

Aside from informative videos on your social media that reassure viewers that your CBD and THC products are safe, do your customers truly believe this reassurance of safety? Perhaps the better question may actually be: as a business, how do you reassure your customers that your products are safe?

Utilizing Green Leaf Lab’s Certification Program to your advantage is certainly a top-tier way to do so. Being an independent third-party testing laboratory, our certification program is setting the standard for national hemp testing while facilitating a simplified way for dispensaries and producers to be conscious of consumer safety. It also keeps those consumers in the loop on why their products are safe.

Many may wonder what is involved in our Green Leaf Lab Certification Program and how having that stamp of certified approval on your product’s label can really make a difference. Let’s first deep-dive into what we do to certify your hemp and cannabis CBD product and cristen it with our Green Leaf Lab Certified logo.

Green Leaf Lab Certified

Displaying the Green Leaf Lab Certified logo on your product means it has been tested and approved by the first licensed and accredited cannabis testing lab in the United States. Because we are the first laboratory of its kind in the nation, we have a vital responsibility in cannabis and hemp CBD consumer safety, whether they are consumable products like edibles and supplements or topical products like hand cream.

When having your product tested, it will be done in one of our facilities in California or Oregon. Additional to that, you as the business indicate to our team what exactly you are testing for. This includes compliance, research and development, product development, and more. Our chemists and scientists then put your product through rigorous laboratory tests based on your testing needs.

After testing, you will receive our official stamp of approval; our Green Leaf Lab Certified logo that you display proudly on your product’s packaging, designed to build a level of trust with your consumers that their safety is of your utmost concern.

ISO 17025 Accreditation Defined

Our Green Leaf Lab Certified logo might seem simple: there are several brand-based reassurances in the Cannabis and CBD industry, how is this one any different?

As previously mentioned, Green Leaf Labs was the first in the nation to be licensed and accredited in hemp and cannabis testing. This certification we hold as an independent third-party analytical testing laboratory is an ISO 17025 accreditation; the international standard for accreditation in any analytical laboratory.

This accreditation is a confirmation that chemists, researchers, and staff at the facility have the proper education and training in what exactly they are testing at the laboratory. Likewise, it also indicates that those individuals are trained on the proper equipment that generates accurate results in the testing of industry-specific products.

ISO 17025 being an international standard in analytical laboratory testing means that laboratories in a multitude of industries go through testing to achieve this accreditation. Green Leaf Labs being the first of our kind to obtain accreditation speaks volumes for our relentless passion to educate and improve the hemp and cannabis CBD industry around the world.

There was no predecessor for us to model after to achieve this accreditation; we focused solely on our dedication to improve consumer safety and spread positive awareness around fully tested Cannabis and CBD products.

The Bigger Picture

Hemp and cannabis CBD product testing is certainly our priority, yet we see an even bigger picture inside and outside of our world as well.

When you have your products tested at Green Leaf Labs, you are not only putting your consumer’s safety in a leader in the testing industry, but you are having your products reviewed by professionals with priceless experience in public health and safety. You certainly don’t become a leader in Cannabis and hemp CBD testing by chance!

We like to reference that we are a third-party analytical laboratory. As a consumer, seeing that “independently tested” verbiage on our seal of approval should be reassuring for this reason: our laboratory has absolutely no affiliation with the company that has produced this product. There is no confirmation bias at play; our vested interest is your safety, and our legacy is at stake with every product we test.

Finally, we base much of our significance in our equally focused passion for equality. We are not only the first Cannabis CBD testing laboratory in the nation, we are the first woman-owned one as well. By testing your products in our facility, you are directly supporting women-owned businesses everywhere. Equality isn’t just a concept; our diverse team being so highly regarded by the ISO 17025 accreditation we hang proudly on our wall shows just what diversity can do to improve the melting pot that is our beautiful nation.

Whether you are at inception or product rollout, please consider Green Leaf Labs for your third-party testing, and be proud to display our Green Leaf Lab Certified logo on all of your hemp and cannabis products today. Click here to begin the testing process.

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