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February 23, 2014

New regulation for the OMMP Program is around the corner. We have been asked by many facilities “How do I choose a reputable laboratory?” We recommend that you ask the following questions:

  • What equipment does your laboratory use?
  • What is the process of testing that your laboratory uses?
  • Does your lab test everything on one piece of equipment or do they have multiple pieces?
  • Does your lab use testing equipment or test strips?
  • What is the system of quality control that your laboratory uses?
  • Does your laboratory have a physical address?
  • What training does your laboratory personnel have?
  • How do you validate your analytical methods?
  • Does your lab test every sample or do they give results based on a comparison of history of other samples that look similar?
  • What kind of samples do you test for?
  • What are the methods that you use and what are the limits to those methods?
  • Is your laboratory independent of any dispensary or medical marijuana facility?



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