June 11, 2021

Your Money Drives Diversity

Between nonprofits, environmental conscientiousness, or other socially equitable efforts, we see firsthand the kind of positive impact both production and consumption can have on the world around us.

How you choose to spend your money, where you spend your money, and the business you spend your money with, has a ripple effect on social equity. For example, if you choose to support Black-owned business, your money directly works towards breaking down systemic racism and helps fund and foster diversity.

We are no stranger to this ripple effect at Green Leaf Labs. With over $25,000 in donations, we see the world as a global community that should always strive to work together to better each other’s lives.

Believe it or not, having our analytical testing laboratory ensure the safety and quality of your hemp and cannabis CBD products drives diversity as well! Being the first woman-owned cannabis analytical laboratory, you directly support a woman-owned business and further break down gender stereotypes so we can all achieve success together.

To learn more about what Green Leaf Labs can do for your hemp and cannabis CBD products, contact us today!

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