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November 11, 2015

Oregon SunGrown Growers’ Guild, in association with Cannabis and Social Policy, Green Leaf Lab, and The Law Offices of Paul Loney, present the 1st Annual Southern Oregon Terp Festival in Williams, Oregon, in January 2016. On December 10, 2015 from 4:20pm to 10:30pm is the intake and harvest festival event. This will be one of the last times to deliver your contest entries for testing and judging!

Learn about the wide range of terpenes, their value, and the science behind how they work in the human body at this event, featuring music and panelists, along with awards ceremony.

A cannabis competition, with special guest judges, will determine winners based on terpene profile test results, taste, appearance and overall quality. Submissions will be tested through Green Leaf Lab, and Southern Oregon locations will be available with extended operation hours for contest sample submission drop-off.

Visit the festival website for more details about contest rules and the awards event.

Learn more about terpenes, the “fingerprint” of cannabis, at Green Leaf Lab’s terpene education page.



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