Image for Tribute to Terpenes articles in cooperation with Daily Leaf
July 10, 2016

Green Leaf lab has partnered with The Daily Leaf website to present a unique look into terpene analysis, through a series of articles entitled Tribute to Terpenes.

Terpenes are aroma molecules found in plant resins that impart flavor and aroma characteristics. In cannabis, a terpene profile from laboratory analysis can be said to reveal the “fingerprint” of a cannabis strain, giving analytical data to investigate further the distinctive flavor characteristics that one can recognize when smelling and enjoying a marijuana cultivar.

In a regular series of articles, the taste-testers of The Daily Leaf will sample different strains that have recently been analyzed at Green Leaf Lab and have demonstrated notable terpene characteristics. When comparing these subjective impressions of aroma and taste to laboratory results, one may understand further how terpenes shape a flavor profile. We hope you find a new appreciation of terpene profiling through this study, and hope to inspire new ways to utilizing this service in your cultivation, selection, marketing, and enjoyment of cannabis products.

Tribute to Terpenes Vol 1 – July 10, 2016 (external link)
Tribute to Terpenes Vol 2 – July 29, 2016 (external link)
Tribute to Terpenes Vol 3 – Aug 30, 2016 (external link)

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