How to submit for Hops Latent Viroid Testing:

Guidelines regarding preparation of samples to ensure orderly processing of your samples:

  1. Samples should consist of one fan leaf per plant
  2. Unique identifier associated with each sample (e.g. sample name)
  3. Samples must be individually and clearly labelled in a ziplock or mylar bag with the unique identifier
  4. Sample names/Unique identifiers can be submitted as a list in an excel document for large orders
  5. Total composited sample weight transferred in Metric as quality control


To start testing today call your local sales representative.

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Hops Latent Viroid pricing

(rates based on single sampling appointment)

1-100 samples $50 each

101-200 samples $45 each

201-300 samples $40 each

301-400 samples $35 each

401+ samples $30 each



What is Hop Latent Viroid?

Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd), a single-stranded, circular infectious RNA, runs rampant in the hemp and cannabis growing communities.


Why should I test for it?

While HpLVd  may be asymptomatic and does not kill a cannabis plant, it can cause the plant’s  to drop dramatically in efficacy. The virus can remain inactive within infected plants, making it nearly impossible to detect without testing.  Plants infected with HpLVd may have half the cannabinoid content of their healthy counterparts.


Why should I test with Green Leaf Lab?

The state-of-the art infrastructure and top-of-the-line testing equipment found at our analytical testing laboratories enables us to provide advanced HpLVd screening services to our customers, detecting even the most asymptomatic samples, and quickly alerting our customers if they have a HpLVd outbreak amongst their stock.


Where can I learn more?

To learn more about Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) in cannabis, best practices in preventing the spread, and how Green Leaf Labs can protect your production or distribution business’s reputation by identifying potential infections, read our blog on Everything Cannabis Growers need to know about Hops Latent Viroid.

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