Analysis Services

What's in your cannabis?

When ordering testing from Green Leaf Lab, you will choose a state compliance package or multiple individual tests exceeding state requirements to apply to your harvest lot or process lot batches. The analysis descriptions below provide details of the analysis service, and note when the particular analysis service may be required.

Please refer to OAR 333-007 Division 7 Rules (PDF) Effective May 31 2017 for the text of citations below. Additionally, new rule changes and temporary rules listed on the Oregon Health Authority website may affect the batch, sampling, and testing requirements.

Green Leaf Lab is OLCC licensed and ORELAP accredited on all state compliance testing categories listed below, and offers additional analysis services beyond those mandated.

Individual Analyses

Pesticide Analysis

Pesticide compliance testing for analytes at action levels listed in OAR 333-007-0400 Exhibit A, Table 3 (PDF) is required for marijuana, usable marijuana and concentrates and extracts. See OAR 333-007-0320 and OAR 333-007-0330 and OAR 333-007-0390.

Expired: OHA Temporary Rules for OLCC Recreational Producers and Wholesalers March 2, 2017 – August 28, 2017See Bulletin CE2017-09

The temporary reduction in pesticide testing requirements is discontinued, based on OHA findings of sufficient licensed laboratory pesticide capacity statewide. Every batch within a harvest lot must now undergo pesticide testing for state compliance.

Residual Solvent Analysis

Every process lot of concentrates or extracts, whether destined for a consumer or another processor, must be tested for solvents in accordance with OAR 333-007-0410. An exception to this requirement is possible under 333-007-0330, for example when only mechanical processing was done utilizing no listed solvents.

The list of residual solvents and the maximum detected action levels are available for review in OAR 333-007-0410 Table 4 (PDF).

Terpene Analysis Add On

This test is not required by the State. Green Leaf Lab has a dedicated instrument used only for testing terpene analyte levels. The terpene add-on pricing must include a potency or compliance test.

See our terpene education page for more information about why you may order a terpene profile analysis.

Potency Analysis

This test is required for edibles, flower, extracts and concentrates, tinctures and topicals. See OAR 333-007-0320 through 333-007-0345.

Moisture Content

This test is required for usable marijuana. If a sample has a moisture content of more than 15 percent, the result must be reported to the licensee, but the sample does not fail. See OAR 333-007-0420

Water Activity

This test is required for usable marijuana. If a sample has a water activity rate of more than 0.65Aw, the sample fails. See OAR 333-007-0420.


Mold testing is not required by the state, but is a service available from Green Leaf Lab.

Ordering a mold test will demonstrate that you use production techniques that ensure the highest quality cannabis flower. Mold analysis ensures product safety, especially for medical marijuana that may be dispensed to patients with weakened health.

Oregon dispensary law previously set a mold and mildew limit of 10,000 CFU/g.

State Compliance Packages

Usable Flower Compliance

Includes the following tests required by the state: potency, pesticide, water activity, and moisture content. This test package is required for all OMMP growers who want to bring their product to dispensaries. This test package is also required for OLCC licensed producers. See OAR 333-007-0320.

Extract/Concentrate Compliance

This testing includes potency, pesticide, and residual solvent testing. This testing complement is required for all concentrate and extract products intended for retail delivery.

Control Study (for Processors)

A control study may be requested to reduce the number of samples that need to be taken for future testing of the same product and production method once approval is received. When testing under a control study, a product must successfully complete one control study annually. Any changes to processing method require a new control study.

Green Leaf Lab can help you in completion of a control study for your product. See OAR 333-007-0440 for the requirements for sampling and testing, which ensure a homogeneous, consistent, and safe product.

Sampling Increments

Please see tables in 333-007-0360 Exhibit B (PDF).

OAR 333-007-0360, Table 5

Sample increments per batch size of cannabinoid concentrates, extracts and products except cannabinoid edibles

Batch weight Sample Increments
Pounds Kilograms 1g +/- 0.2g
0-0.5 0-0.23 4
0.51-1.5 0.24-0.68 8
1.51-3.0 0.69-1.36 12
3.1-6.0 1.40-2.72 16
6.1-10.0 2.77-4.54 20
Over 10 4.58+ 32
OAR 333-007-0360, Table 6

Sample increments per batch size of cannabinoid edibles

Units for sale Sample Increments
2-15 2
16-50 3
51-150 5
151-500 8
501-3200 13
3201-35000 20