About Us

The Northwest’s Premier Cannalysis™ Laboratory. Green Leaf Lab is Oregon’s most trusted name for quality medical cannabis analytical testing services.

Educating patients through Cannalysis™, utilizing potency testing, safety screening and mold inspection, is our primary goal. We believe that patients should have access to information about the medical marijuana that they are ingesting and assurances that it is free of harmful contaminants and molds; and that it contains the right medicinal compounds for their health needs.

We are committed to furthering the growth of the medical cannabis industry through education and outreach. It is only through education and outreach that patients will become aware of the medicine they consume; and providers will be able to fully legitimize the medicine that they provide to their patients utilizing a third party service such as Green Leaf Lab.

Green Leaf Lab is the Northwest’s most trusted name for Cannalysis™. We provide accurate, reliable and consistent cannabis potency and safety screening to the Northwest’s medical marijuana community.

We are dedicated to offering you cannabis potency analysis and safety screening in a professional environment where we adhere to standardized laboratory methodology utilizing the skills of credentialed chemists with years of experience.

At Green Leaf lab, we are committed to giving you results that are useful and easy to understand. Every test comes with a Strain Facts™ Card and Stickers, so you can share your information with those that matter.

Contact us today and order your tests now at 503-250-2912 or email us at info@greenleaflab.org